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Air conditioning

 Air Conditioning is the main function of our business, however as air conditioning now is one of the most efficient forms of heating we are finding that more and more people are installing air conditioning into their offices, homes and factories for heating purposes, and with the added benefit of cooling during the summer it's clear why. Life without air con is almost an unimaginable prospect. Find out now how having an air conditioning installation or even maintenance on your exiting air con equipment can make huge benefits on your day to day life.

You have made the choice that air conditioning needs to be installed. Now is the task of which air conditioning installer to choose. At All Emergency Plumbing & Heating our aim is provide you with exactly what you want and exactly what will suit your requirements and budget too. Firstly, we are not affiliated to any one manufacturer so therefore we can explain, impartially the “benefits vs. costs” of the higher end of the recognized systems manufacturers. Every air conditioning installation is different and therefore a different approach and indeed equipment is needed. We understand the needs of our clients and the type of business they are running, so creating an air conditioning installation plan specifically to suit them is why we have such high customer retention.