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Hot water circulator

Instantaneous hot water systems only start to heat water when you turn on the hot water tap. That's why you get cold water first. Up to 17,000 litres of water is wasted in this way in the average home each year.
A hot water circulator sends the cold water back into the hot water system to be reheated or used later.
You apply for the rebate after the hot water circulator has been installed by our professional engineer. You need to:

  • read and accept the terms and conditions
  • have a licensed plumber install the hot water circulator
  • complete and sign the rebate application form
  • make sure your licensed plumber has completed Sections 4 and 5 of the application form and signed it
  • attach original receipt(s) for the hot water circulator and installation

Recent advancements in hot water circulation technology allow for benefiting from temperature controlled pumping without having to install the pump at the last fixture on the hot water loop. These advanced hot water circulation systems utilize a water contacting temperature probe strategically installed at the last fixture on the loop to minimize the energy wasted heating lengthy return pipes