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Faucet and fixture

The functionality of having a product that is user-friendly is important for the homeowner when it comes to selecting home faucets. How to Install Plumbing Fixtures Shut off the water supply to the area where the new plumbing fixtures will be installed. The turn off valve for sinks should be underneath the sinks in the cabinets. The toilet shut off valve should be in back if the toilet and the shower and tub shut off valve should be in the basement or behind the wall in an access door.

Remove the old faucet by loosening the setscrew that is holding the handle. The handle will easily slip off after using a wrench to loosen the setscrew. Then loosen the chrome dome and remove.

Underneath the sink, loosen the connection to the hot and cold water pipes. If it is a kitchen faucet with a hose, loosen the nuts holding the hose to the faucet. Then loosen the bigger nut holding the faucet to the drainpipe. The faucet should easily pull out from the top.

Repair / Rebuild
All Emergency Plumbing and Heating will always repair and rebuild your faucets and fixtures with Quality Parts and make sure they operate as the manufacturer intended.

Sometimes replacement of faucets and fixtures is needed. All Emergency Plumbing and Heating will use its expertise to ensure a quality installation.

New Installations
Have a spot you want to install a new fixture? All Emergency Plumbing and Heating can design plumbing and install your new fixture.